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More than 19 000 People have benefited from this

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What You'll Learn

  • Understand what Digital Marketing is all about, from Content Marketing to Designing your own content online.
  • Unpack Marketing strategies across key Social Media Platforms. There's also a step by step tutorial on How to set up your LinkedIn Profile like a Pro. Trust me I'm listed as the top 15 % most viewed profile in South Africa
  • Unpack step by step videos on how to Use Video with Digital Media - I love this module the most.
  • Learn how to create your own Adverts across Major Social Media platforms like Facebook, Twiter, YouTube, and Instagram to name a few.
  • Learn how to Run ads on Internet Search Sites like Google with Search and Display ads.
  • Understand key terms with Social Media Analytics and Bring the entire course together with implementing your own Social Media Strategy.



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Who will Benefit

Digital Newcomers & Natives

People from all the walks of life could very well benefit from learning Digital Marketing. Lessons are explained in simple terms helping you navigate your journey one module at a time


Gain the skills and knowledge needed to grow your business locally and internationally, and more effectively manage global campaigns and clients.


Career Professionals

Develop a data and digital media mindset to make more informed business decisions and advance your career.

Here's How It All Breaks Down

A Comprehensive Digital Media Marketing Online Course that would Cost you more than $5000




In Week 0 of the program, we'll get you ready for the course and lay out the groundwork for everything to come, including what we'll cover, and what you will ultimately get out of this.


Digital Marketing & Facebook


Welcome to Digital Marketing

Introduction to Content Marketing

Social Media Platform Overview

Digital Advertising Overview

Insights and Analytics Overview

Online Content Creation Tutorial

Facebook Essentials


Speed Content, Imaged Social Media Marketing & Digital Business Networking


Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn from a Business Perspective

Twitter Basics and Strategy

Instagram Marketing Strategy

21 Point Checklist for an Effective LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Pages


Digital Video for Social Media


Importance of Video

Welcome to YouTube

How to Create your own Channel 

Before, During & After your Video Shoot

How to Upload your Videos

Get Discovered on YouTube

Overcoming Rejection and Remaining Consistent


Advertising Placement on Social Media


Welcome to Social Media Advertising

Facebook Advertising in Depth

Twitter Advertising Products

Instagram Advertising

Running Effective Youtube Ads

Advertising on LinkedIn

Creating an Ad on LinkedIn


Internet Advertising Placement


Welcome to Internet Advertising Networks

Google Search Advertising

Google Display Advertising

Google Advertising Platform Tutorial



Digital Media Strategy


Social Media Strategy Essentials

Social Media Engagement and Monitoring Tools

Content Planning and Scheduling Structures

Digital Media Strategy Exercises


Social Media Analytics 

Welcome to Social Media Analytics

Facebook Analytics and Insights

Twitter Analytics

Instagram Analytics

Youtube Analytics

Linkedin Analytics


Bounce Modules and Digital Resources

Advanced Tips

Live-streaming on various Social Media Platforms

Google Maps and Listings

Google Analytics

Course Wrap Up an Going Forward

Fact : Course Value Well Over $5000

This is not just another online course, these are tried, tested and trusted Modules. Conrad has personally trained more than 19 000 people on Digital Media since 2011.

About your Instructor


The founder of #SouthAfrica

My time as a Technology founder of a Digital Agency has been quite successful. I started the idea of Hashtag South Africa with nothing more than registering a website. I didn't expect to be earning 6 Figures a few short years later. 

Back in 2016 I gained the Recognition as Top 100 Most Influential South African in the Area of Science and Technology.

I gained this by running a Digital Media Agency while personally educating more than 19,000 people while managing clients across 12 Industries.

I continue to share the importance of working together as we lead up to 2030. I sought to make a Difference in my Community, Country, Continent and around the world.

I have appeared regularly on National Television and written in major publications.

Some Recent Accolades and Recognitions

  • 2012 - Best Newcomer of the Year (Technology Startup)
  • 2013 - Top 10 Most Innovative Startup in South Africa 
  • 2014 - Technology Top 100 Company
  • 2016 - Recognised Top 100 Most Influential South African on the Continent of Africa in the area of Science and Technology
  • 2018 - Ranked Best Social Media Management Company in South Africa

About #SouthAfrica

A Digital Media Company focused on the constructive disruption across 12 Industries, rendering digital and consultancy services since 2011.

Hashtag South Africa is a unique Company, as we align with the National Development Plan 2030 of South Africa together with our Planets Global Goals. Servicing to boost awareness and create sentiment that is meaningful and result driven.


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I have personally trained more than 19 000 people across 12 Industries. I now want you to learn and benefit like so many other great people. Take advantage of this limited time offer









Learn the core essential and new hacks in Digital Media Marketing, Learn how to Produce and Upload Epic High Quality Videos for platforms like Youtube. Understand with walkthru tutorials on how to create your own Social Media Ads as well as Understand Internet Advertising. Have a more focused approach to Digital Media with forming an Execution Strategy while making sense of Social Media Analytics.

More than 288 Minutes of Video Based Learning Lessons, packed with Downloadable resources and exercises to further help you on your learning journey. Learn from Conrad who has run a Successful Digital Media Agency since 2011 called Hashtag South Africa -

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