Social Media Dos and Don'ts for 2019

How can you better ensure your social media efforts will help you accomplish your brand’s objectives in 2019?

Observe these dos and don’ts.

The dos:

1. Think before you post.

What you post on your personal social media accounts can affect how people view your company. Think carefully about how posts that issue commentary on hot-button topics like religion, politics or gender issues might impact your relationships with customers, vendors and others in the business community.

2. Let your voice be heard.

On your blog and social media channels, let your readers see your personality shine through. Many people follow bloggers because they like what the writers are saying and how they’re saying it. Share your unique insight and strike a conversational tone that engages readers.

3. Be real.

Show your audience that you have real people behind your logo. It will make it easier for them to relate to your brand.

Some ways to do that are to introduce members of your...

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