About Conrad

A Little About Me, before starting My Digital Media Agency and where we're heading to as a Planet. Digitally together.


Conrad's Journey


Back in 1992, I was 6 years old when I got my hands on a Computer for the very first time.

I was 8 Years old when I logged on to the Internet for the very first time, and ever since I have been amazed by the skills and opportunities that I have learnt from this Connected Generation. 


There is Success in Failure


Fast forward a few years later to dropping out of University in my final year before Completing my Marketing Degree to pursue as I once thought was a Guaranteed Job.  And after a few small based office jobs later, to a Short work Visa stay in London back in 2008 Just a few weeks there to be welcomed by the Global Recession, I then returned to South Africa with the Passion to make it in Running my own business. Two failed Startup ventures later I started A Digital Media Agency in 2011. It's been 8 years 6 Figures later and I have not look back. 

Recognised Influential Digital Leader


My time as a Technology founder of a Digital Agency has been quite beneficial. I started the idea of Hashtag South Africa with nothing more than registering a website. I didn't expect to be earning 6 Figures a few short years later. Yet I wouldn't of been where I am today if it was not for the hurdles and challenges that I needed to overcome. Focus and Dedication with disciplined Monitorship were my key driving factors. Back in 2016 I gained the Recognition as Top 100 Most Influential South African in the Area of Science and Technology. And I gained this by running a Digital Media Agency while personally educating more than 19,000 people  on The Focus of the Year 2030. I sought to make a Difference on my Continent and around the world, And I continue to do so.

Life is Facinating once your live out your Purpose

The same University that I dropped out of back in 2006 Called me in 2017 to Address their Senior students on my Success in Running a Digital Media Agency. You see - life might not make sense right now, but if you take constructive efforts - you can make a difference and be seen as a thought leader in what ever Niche you find yourself in.

The next step that you can take


I've personally built my credibility over years of service to others and have gained access by invitations and requests to speak at conferences and run digital workshops within my Country and abroad. Year after year being invited to return - its quite warm to know that the fruits of my labour are never in vain and that my character and content that I share is always so well received. 

I've personally trained more than 19, 000 people and now I am bringing my Digital Media Courses to you. 

AND Here’s The Best Part… Im Going to show you how to Use Digital.

We do this all through my online training platform so you get to work at your own pace. Where ever you are across our Planet

Not just another online Course

There are many fly by night Digital experts sailing the World Wide Web. Conrad's Courses are authentic with Proven Track Records that are Result Driven. Sharing Over 25 Years of Online Experience. 

Traditional Media is failing

The past 5 Years of Marketing & Advertising has changed more than the past 50 years of Traditional methods of techniques of getting peoples attention. It's time to embrace the Digital today.

Time to Set Up and Take charge of your future


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